Plugging away

Just enough time for a quick post.

If you have time and are a fan of science or science fiction (or just random cool things) why not swing by the Apex blog and check out my very first contribution? And better yet, why not start a hearty debate in the comments section?

As far as writing goes, there is nothing substantial to report although I do believe that I will be sending The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid to its first chopping block this weekend.  So wish me (and Mr. Reid) luck!

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. Hi Barry,

    I read your article with interest and chuckled at a few of the facts thrown in there. I must admit to getting a little caught up in the media hype on the end of the world. It seems as if someone, somewhere has predicted the world will end pretty much every year. We know have 2012 to look forward to and molten lava spewing fourth onto the 100 meter track in London.

    Anyway, I’m not that well versed in Sci-Fi but its fair to say I much prefer Fi-Sci if such a think exists… My definition of it would be a fantastical/horror story with little sci-fi elements or setting. A novella called Nearly People springs to mind. I think it was the UK’s very own Conrad Williams.

    Keep writing and I’ll look out for your stuff on my travels.


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