w(h)ip it

I threw the h in there because whenever I actually do a WIP post, it makes me feel like I’m being beaten…just a reminder of how overachieving I am and how easily I let myself fall behind.  For example, excluding short stories, here is a list of projects I currently have in progress and a bit about them.  (Some of you may have read about a few of these already, but for the sake of accountability, here goes):

Broken Skies: Rewrites have this one at 64,000 words.  There are 2 chapters left.  This ending is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever written.  I have considered scrapping it, but the few comments I have had from beta readers has been encouraging.

The Masks of Our Fathers: As I’ve said about this one before, this story is all about the ending and the beginning.  The stuff in the middle…well, not a whole lot happens.  It’s my job as a writer to make that interesting.  And so far, that’s sort of scary.

The Dark: I have decided that this one is going to be shorter than I thought.  I started this one after completing The Bleeding Room (still out under Full Read status) and was stuck in that 125,000 word territory.  The Dark was headed in that direction, but I think I have decided to take one of the subplots out of it to shorten it a bit.  That subplot is currently stewing on the short story back-burner.  This is also most likely going to be retitled.

Blood Routes: Similar to The Dark, I think this would be a better story if it were shorter.  Rather than the 90,000 words I was planning, I am thinking of demoting it to 60,000 word territory.  I don’t know how many of you have read the first half of it, but I am still undecided as to how the middle of this book should go.  The ending is going to go one of two ways and the middle is going to decide that.  Those of you that have read it, feel free to comment on it here to help me decide.  If you have read it and have nasty things to say and some suggestions, feel free to e-mail me.  I’d love to salvage this story and finish it this year.

Untitled Maybe-YA story: This one is only 12 pages long so far but I have it mapped out completely and it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  This will also be my first real attempt at YA…

Birdwatching From Mars: Inspired by the fact that the creators of Lost knew the ending of the show at the beginning, I started mapping BFM out in reverse several weeks ago.  This helped tremendously and I am now chiseling away at the scripts for Issues #3 and #4, slated to be done mid-March.  (more artwork posts coming soon!)

Keep in mind, these are the active projects.  There are 2 others that are waiting there all hunkered down in the shadows.  They cry out for attention every now and then, but I have learned to ignore them for now.

Here’s to productivity!!!



  1. I love mapping things out in reverse– it’s not always possible, of course, but it’s so helpful. Some people say it ruins the writing, and makes it boring. But you don’t have to know the middle just to know the end! It’s the getting from A to B that’s fun.

    You are a busy, busy man. Fabulous.

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