balancing things out

I had intended to knock out a nice chunk of Keyholes over the weekend but somehow ended up writing absolutely nothing at all.  I would be absolutely disappointed in myself (well, I actually kind of am anyway) if not for the kindness of my inbox over the weekend.  It was almost as if my inbox has a sense of when I am failing miserably at my goals.  So, while I didn’t get any writing done, I did receive a few bits of good news.

First, I had two poems, “Lemons” and “Protection” accepted by Breadcrumb Scabs. I will admit that I somehow just learned about this publication two weeks ago…which is a shame because it is a great little obscure corner for all things absurd and dark.  Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

I also received an acceptance for my story “Golden Debris” for the Chaos Theory: Tales Askew anthology.  This was a nice surprise because I sent the story off in October 2008 and had totally forgotten I had sent it out.  Because of that, “Golden Debris”, which has always been one of my favorites despite the mountain of rejections it had received, ended up as the closing tale in Debris. I mentioned this to the editor and they will still be using the story.  Which means more exposure for one of my favorite stories.

Now as the approaching week looms ahead, I plan on using all lunch breaks to knock out bits and pieces of Keyholes. And let’s also not forget about my goal of one poem per weekday for National Poetry Month…from which the previously mentioned “Protection” was born.  I only hope it all turns out to be as productive as it sounds.



  1. Congratulations! I’d say you have no reason at all to be disappointed in yourself, all things considered. It’s nice when it evens out like that 😀

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