settle down, art geek: the importance of cover art

I really struggled with coming up with an appropriate cover design for The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid.  I had several ideas, all of which I discussed with writing/editor/design/teaching/probably-everything-else guru Aaron Polson of Strange Publications.  In the end, the above is what ended up being chosen.  While I am well aware that it is not an exciting cover, it does quite a bit for the feel and flow of the story.  Not only that, but I love minimalist art so I am quite happy with this.

Of course, there is the worry that a cover such as this won’t really entice folks to go buy a copy right away.  But since Cooper’s tale is pretty unique, I thought it deserved a cover that sort of worked as part of the story.

Details on a release date are forthcoming.  For those of you that have already pre-ordered your copies, you are awesome and I thank you.

Also, here’s what Robert Swartwood, the brains behind Norton’s Hint Fiction Anthology, had to say about The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid:

“With The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid, Barry Napier deftly interweaves a series of memos, journal notes,interview transcripts, and articles into an eerie and unsettling tale of paranormal activity that any nostalgic X-FILES fan is sure to love.”
– Robert Swartwood, author of Through the Guts of a Beggar and The Silver Ring



  1. Having glimpsed some of the “dossier-like” content, I think the cover is perfect, Barry. The use of courier and the “typewriter” style, as well as the almost manila color actually imparts quite a bit of information to the potential buyer/reader. Were I confronted with it, I would certainly click on it, or if a hardcopy pick it up, to “investigate” it further.

    In short . . . I like it. A lot.

  2. I think it works… I like it. 😀 It’s intriguing and sounds as if its perfect for the contents. Eager to smear fingerprints on the cover.

    *Do you suspect Aaron never sleeps? 😀

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