the thin line between productivity and insanity

For those of you that caught my interview on The Tattered Muse (if not, it’s available in archived form), you heard me mention that I have recently only been able to find writing time during lunch breaks t work.  This may sound depressing but, as I stated in the interview, it has actually helped my with my productivity tremendously.  It has also reminded me how much of an overachiever I can be.

Most of the past 10 lunch breaks has consisted of me writing feverishly on a new novel attempt that was inspired by a pretty vivid bad dream.  Without bothering to map it out at all, I just started writing.  If you’ve seen my ramblings on Twitter in the past week or so, you’ve seen mention of this story.  It has a very heavy Dean Koontz’s Phantoms vibe to it which I will try to clean up a bit during edits.  At 19,500 words, this thing is really moving along.  It’s fast paced and very old-school horror.  Strange things happen without the weight of relentless explanations.  I have never tried this approach before, and I am finding that I like it.  I believe this story is going to be titled The Hellfire Parade.

The only other thing I have been working on is Broken Skies. It received its fourth rejection last week.  I went back and re-read the ending and have decided that it is far too wishy-washy.  Which, I am beginning to think, makes much of the novel itself too wishy-washy.  Still, I strongly believe that the first 125 pages of the book are my best writing.  I am currently working on re-writes for it.  Well, not so much re-writes as going in and removing an entire subplot which really only slowed the progress of the story down.

Lastly, I am quite proud to say that Issue #1 of Birdwatching From Mars is done!  As soon as the cover is knocked out (maybe a week or so, I believe), it’ll b proofed and sent to the printer for a handful of ARCs for reviewers, comic shops, a previous contest winner (sorry, Aaron) and perhaps for another contest on this blog.  Meanwhile, the BFM Team is approaching our production system from a different angle with Issues 2 and 3, hoping to speed this thing up.

With permission of the rest of the team, I hope t be posting the cover and some more art–maybe even a 3 or 4 page preview–on here very soon.

Now, back to the Parade…



  1. Oooh can’t wait to see the cover!

    Also, I don’t think I ever said thanks for answering my question so thoroughly. I was afraid you wouldn’t be interested since you’d already mentioned House of Leaves and the like. I got some great additions to my to-buy list out of it.

    (I would’ve called, but I sound like an 8-year-old. It’s embarrassing.)

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