the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble

While the post title does sound like an amazing title for a short story, it is actually the name of a new band that I have recently become obsessed with.  It’s not much for cruising on a summer road trip, but if you’re a writer of darker things and appreciate unique music, these guys are definitely worth checking out.

Their self titled album has become the soundtrack for The Hellfire Parade (I listen to it nearly every time I work on the novel) and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.  Here’s a sample; while it’s a live version of a track called “Lobby”, it’s almost better than the album version.

Enjoy and get spooked out!



  1. Thanks to you turning me onto these guys a while back, I am in love with them too! Love the Pavlovian effect music can give while writing. P.S. I was thinking just yesterday about how I miss your ambient playlist from Imeem.

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