piles and piles of poetry

I always make little spreadsheets to keep up with what I have out in submission land.  Then, a few days later, they go neglected.  When I was primarily subbing short stories, this wasn’t so bad because I have a pretty good memory and could keep up with what had been subbed where.  But when I started subbing poems as well, things got a bit muddled.  The good part of having so many subs out at once, of course, is that it increases your chances of acceptance.

For instance, I will be 100% honest about the fact that I forgot that I had subbed a poem to Kaleidotrope.  So when I got an acceptance for my poem “Speaking to the Dark” (which I hope the editors will let me rename by its new title “The Only Moth Among the Dark”), I was pleasantly surprised.  I received that acceptance about a week ago.

Imagine my delight when I received another acceptance for my poem “The Person We All Become” yesterday.  It was from a market that I tried to crack with short fiction to no success.  So, in June, this poem will be included in Pedestal Magazine.

I had to go back through my in box to make sure I hadn’t simultaneously subbed anything out.  In doing so, I put together this list of forthcoming poetry.

  • “Singing Hymns as the Grass Grew Over You” – House of Horror (coming in the next month or so)
  • “The Longitude of Buttons” – Nefarious Ballerina (June/July)
  • “The Only Moth Among the Dark” – Kaleidotrope (October)
  • “The Person We All Become” – Pedestal (June)

On top of all of that, my poetry manuscript A Mouth for Picket Fences has been freed as a result of the recent Bandersnatch Books fallout. I also have a chapbook length poetry collection out in limbo titled Sleep Maps and a second, more narrative sort of weird poetry chapbook thing in the works.

So yes, I think it’s time to try to set poetry aside for a few weeks and see if I can get the short story fires burning again.



  1. Great titles for all these poems. Looking forward to reading each one – but hooray for more stories from you, too!

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