A Nefarious Inkspill…

The aforementioned (er, Tweeted) inescapable retrospective blog post regarding the Lost finale is still on its way.  But until work permits me to put some thought and time into it, I thought I’d drop in and make a few quick updates.

First, I am very happy to announce that my story “This Tour Don’t Roll Through Seattle” has been accepted by Ink Spill Magazine.  I have always loved this story but it is rooted very deeply in music.  To some, it could be like the inside joke you don’t quite get.  But I believe it is some of the best prose I have ever written and, being a music junkie, is a personal favorite of mine.

Secondly, my poem “The Longitudes of Buttons” is now live on Nefarious Ballerina. I warned about the sensuous undertones of this one in a previous post.  I get all uncomfortable and giggly when I have to write a sex scene…this poem isn’t really a sex scene, but, since the venue is based in sensual/erotic poetry, I rearranged one of my poems a bit to fit in.  It’s probably the un-sexiest sex poem you’ll ever read.  Still, give it a chance and let me know what you think, would you?

Now, back to a quick lunch where I might actually get to write for a bit…



  1. that was a very cool poem. Really struck a mood. Congrats on your story. It is one of my favorite stories of yours as well.

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