‘dems fightin’ words

A while back, I said I would write a retrospective blog pertaining to the series finale of Lost. Since then, I have decided not to…simply because there are enough such postings already littering the interwebs.  Also, because I do not wish to reveal how big of a sad little fanboy I am.

So instead, I thought I’d share what I firmly believe were the most well shot 3 minutes of television ever aired…and this is coming from a huge X-Files geek.  For you Lost fans, you’ll recognize the scene right away.  And for you other oddities, just watch and be amazed…this was on television. Most of the movies that come out these days aren’t this amazingly shot.

I think the scene is filled with symbolism.  For instance, the opening shot of Locke reminds me of a painting but I can’t place which one.  And the long pull-back shot of the Locke vs. Jack stare down is undeniably iconic.  Also, keep in mind that when watching it as it aired, that little black pause  at the 40 second mark was a commercial break…the most appropriately timed break ever, I believe.

Oh and if you haven’t yet seen the series finale and plan on doing so, beware…MAJOR spoilers ahead.

Anyway, enjoy.


One comment

  1. Power punch! I loved that scene! I’ve been working on an X-Files post (just started re-watching the series again). Geeks rule!

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