insult to injury

A few posts back, I mentioned how I banged my hand up pretty bad.  Being stubborn and very shy of doctors, I paid it little attention.  I took some Motrin for the pain and swelling but that was it.  When I finally went to to doctor to get it checked out (after realizing that sensation and movement in my pinky and lower palm was not right), I discovered that my hand is actually fractured.  The fracture runs along the top portion of my hand and into the joint/knuckle of the pinky.

So they sent me to orthopedics to get it a cast put on.  The good news is that I only have to wear the cast for 2 weeks.  As you could guess, there is a great deal of bad news as well.

First, typing like this sucks.   I am only able to use one finger on my right hand due to the structure of the cast.  I am also having to learn how to use a mouse with my left hand. (No fun.)  So basically, my writing will be very minimal in the next two weeks. Add to that the fact that I am the best man in my brother’s wedding next weekend and this cast is really pissing me off.  I did manage to get a black cast to match the tux, though.

(Closing note….a little less pissed now.  Received an e-mail in the ridiculous amount of time it took me to write this that, if I am reading it correctly, is potentially GREAT news.  More info as it comes).



  1. So you put off doctors too, eh? I finally caved yesterday. I hope they gave you the same painkillers they gave me!

  2. So, so lame about the hand. I’m very glad you got some good news to make it a little less irritating! (And that the wedding isn’t dry. That helps too :D)

  3. Yay for the good news and boo to the hand. With all the projects you have on the go, I imagine it’s going to drive you insane. That typing finger is going to have muscles by the end of the fortnight.

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