stupid cast

I am still not used to typing with this dreadful cast on.  It is very slow going and if I type long enough, it becomes painful.  So I see a few short posts from me until the cast is removed on June 22.

There has been very little writing done in the past week or so due to the injury anyway.  However, some of you may have seen me reference some Good News on Twitter.  While the details are not all ironed out as of yet, I will in summation say that 2010 continues to be very kind to me and my writing.  In fact, I am still on a joyride from The Bleeding Room having been accepted and working towards polishing it up and working out the details for the cover.

Anyway, as to the new Good News,…more on this as it develops; maybe even as soon as tomorrow.



  1. Sorry guys but I can’t pass this one up…

    Aaron: “…that’s what SHE said…”


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