quick snapshots

Another short post due to the cast.  But it’ll be jam packed full of stuff, I promise.

For starters, my poem “Sleepmaps” has been accepted by Acapella Zoo and will be featured in their October issue.

Also, swing by the Apex Blog and check out my new guest post wherein I discuss the interesting trails that research often lead us writers of the darker things.

Next, check out five very random yet important questions that were asked of me over at the fantastic Mr. Aaron Polson’s blog last Friday.

Last but not least, I feel ashamed that I have not mentioned until now the awesome interview that Mary Rajotte conducted with me for the Toronto Examiner concerning Birdwatching From Mars.

Check back soon for more news, as contracts are being written and I am smiling all over…well except for this stupid fractured hand in this stupid itchy cast.



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