the short story bug

My story “This Tour Don’t Roll Through Seattle” will be featured in the upcoming issue of Inkspill, to be released in the next week or so.  Typically, I’m not partial one way or the other to electronic copies or hard copies of my short fiction, but I am quite pleased to be getting a print author’s copy of the magazine.  This story was one that I absolutely loved writing; it’s a short and dark little peek into the world of musical folklore.  Being a music junkie, it was a story that was inevitable to come out of me.

Inkspill is a rather neat magazine and if you haven’t checked them out yet, why not start with Issue 2?  When it is available for sale, you can purchase it directly from their site.

I am so excited about this short story seeing print that I am beginning to feel the itch of the short story bug for the first time this year.  If it can fight off the lure of the onslaught of other things I’m working on, then more power to it.



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