So apparently it only takes finishing a novel to get me motivated.

Looking back, I realized that it wasn’t until after I wrote THE END to The Bleeding Room that I started churning out short stories for about a year and a half, many of which were accepted.  Also, somewhere between now and then, I ended up starting six different novels, four of which made it past the 25,000 word mark.  One of those novels was The Masks of Our Fathers.

Having finished The Masks of Our Fathers earlier this week, I find myself striving to knock out another one of those surviving novels.  Right now, it’s looking like a tie between The Hellfire Parade and a project I mentioned a while back that is currently titled Everything Theory (which, based upon how silly that title sounds, will likely be changed).  There is also the project I mentioned in my last post, a novel that I will continue referring to as The Over-ambitious Book until I know for certain it is going to stick around.

Running along in the background is, of course, furthering work on Birdwatching from Mars.  I have also spent the last few days scribbling out ideas for another comic book concept but I have a feeling that will remain dormant for a while.

Now, if I can just figure out where to locate the time to get all of this done, I’ll be set!



  1. Time is certainly my enemy, these days. I like all the names of your projects, though, except the “over ambitious one”, which I am most excited about, of course.

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