choose wisely

The past week has seen me blogging about my indecision as to which WIP to focus on in the wake of finishing The Masks of Our Fathers.  Because of this, I have spent that time revisiting all viable candidates and the following has happened:

Added about 400 words to The Hellfire Parade.

Added just over 1,200 words to the Overambitious Project

Started a short story that should end up in 2,500 word closing territory

Edited 3 chapters of a WIP previously titled The Dark and then, realizing that there are a zillion other things out there called The Dark, have decided to re-title this one Too Dark (inspired slightly by the amazing Skinny Puppy album Too Dark Park).

Wrote up a very rough pitch for a new comic book project I am considering.

Also, in the wake of all of this, the cover art for A Mouth for Picket Fences is rolling along very smoothly (thanks to the ever-talented Jodi Lee) and we are beginning to collect reviews.  I’ll post a Picket Fences-centric entry soon, as publication time draws closer.  There will also be a contest in the coming days, so keep a look out for that as well.



  1. That’s a lot of writing, and a lot of choices! I opted to stick with a short story this week. I need the change of pace, after finishing the first draft of my last WIP.

  2. I, too, have taken to the “shotgun” approach of late. I’m not sure anything positive is happening…

    I am putting a good amount of words on digital paper.

  3. It’s wild how trying to make a decision can lead to so much work actually getting done!

    I’m running around like an idiot right now, but I’m going to catch up on an Untold History of Cats the second I’ve got my shit together. (Which is to say, tomorrow afternoon.) Thought you’d like to know that it’ll be my reward.

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