Today marks the official release of A Mouth for Picket Fences! There are still two full days to enter the contest for free copies and promotional swag.  Scroll down to the post beneath this one (too lazy to link today) to enter.

In other related news, I was recently interviewed by Macabre Republic.  It mostly pertains to …Picket Fences but involves some basic writerly stuff, too.  You can check out the rather lengthy interview here.

Now, on to other writing-related things…of course, with 4 potential WIPs (both rather large in scope), my stupid brain wants to insist that it has another idea for a book.  I started writing it yesterday.  The new novel (yes, that now makes 5 WIPs just lounging around) is sitting at 3,600 words and the shit is already about to hit the proverbial fan.  This looks to be a fast-paced book…the last one of those I tried to write was The Hellfire Parade and that has been sitting in a 27,00 word limbo for about a month now…

Anyway, here’s to new ideas!



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