I managed to escape NaNo, but…

…I caved to the concept of The November Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge.  Details about this neat little contest can be found on Robert Lee Brewer’s blog.

Basically, you write a poem a day based on prompts provided at Robert’s blog.  Just a poem, mind you…the editing comes later (unless you’re anal like me and have to do it right away).  In January, after submitting your collection, a winner is chosen and their November PAD collection will be published as a chapbook.

I figure that even if I don’t win, surely there will be a few salvageable poems from my effort to include in my next poetry collection.  Maybe…

I challenge everyone interested in poetry to try it out, if you aren’t already a slave to NaNoWriMo.

Anyway, here is my attempt at the Day One challenge.  The prompt: a poem that looks at where a person (or animal or thing) was and finds resolution with the fact that things won’t be that way again.

“The Story Tree”

When I was ten,

I carved your name into a tree

and misspelled it on purpose.

The knife I used

to etch the name into the bark

is packed in the back of a drawer somewhere.

I can barely remember him—

that boy so dumb and anxiously eager

to use that blade on something

but I know for sure

that he gripped the hilt like a ledge

as gravity slapped him, pulled him down

and he left a sketch of your name

for robins and squirrels to see,

for nature to soften, to fade, to claim.



  1. Love this poem. Wow.

    Speaking of, did I mention A Mouth For Picket Fences arrived while I was running around the midatlantic like a madwoman? It did. Gorgeous!

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