I’m taking a cue from Kelli Russel Agodon (who was nice enough to provide a great blurb for A Mouth for Picket Fences for its release) and doing a sort of confessional thing here today.  Seems fitting since I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late.

So some confessions to purge myself….

1.  My real reason for not doing NaNo: I have started and almost instantly scrapped a grand total of six projects this year (yes, I counted).  I did not want to end the year with another reminder that I am not great at finishing what I begin.

2.  I am 6 days behind on NovPAD (November Poem a Day).  I am tempted to just quit, but refuse to do so.  Two poems that I believe are quite good have come out of this experiment, one of which features Amelia Earhart.

3.  I have no idea where it has come from, but I have found myself listening to a lot of hip hop these last few days.  Did you know that Rick Rubin not only produced a Jay Z album but also has a cameo role in the video to “99 Problems”?

4.  I finally saw Inception. I have spent far too much time thinking about it over the last few days.  Easily my favorite movie since Donnie Darko.

5.  I should be working on Demonology rather than blogging during lunch.  This book is moving along at a break-neck pace and I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed creating a character this much.  You may be seeing his Playlist on here soon.

Whew…that’s enough.  Here…the confessional is now open for you…



  1. Agreed on Inception. The movie’s a friggin’ clinic in storytelling. My husband and I spent two hours over wine and dinner after we saw it trying to come up with a better example.

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