meager efforts in november

The November Poem a Day Challenge, hosted by Robert Lee Brewer continues to challenge me.  Most of the poems that have come from it need a ton of work before I would let anyone read them.  There are, however, two that have come about that I like very much.  I am being very stingy with one of them…I’d like to make sure every word is perfect before sending it out into the world.

But here is another one that I think has potential.  While it is not yet complete, I think it might be pretty close.  Please leave comments with suggestions or feedback.

“A Brief Afterlife”

You tried explaining to your ghost

that it had come too soon, as evidenced

by the breaths you used to speak to it.

Even when you showed it how you

could press your hand into it and have it

pass right through, it did not believe.

Even after you took it to work and

stripped it of its ethereal frame to show

that it was nothing, it remained intact.

You explained to it how you sometimes forgot

to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom or

kiss your wife goodbye in the morning

or to wash the knives after splitting apples

or to linger and stare at the window whenever

déjà vu etched its way across your being.

In turn it told you that after your life,

there will be a large field where the sun forever rises

and the word “once” is carried in echoes forever.

You took it back home and folded it like clothes;

broke it down, organized it into boxes and bins,

knowing that one day, you would need it.



  1. roke it down, organized it into boxes and bins,

    knowing that one day, you would need it.

    awesome lines…
    it is a raw piece, yet it is powerful.

  2. Thanks to all the new faces that have dropped by to check out the poem. I hope to see you again soon!

    Aaron and Katie, awesome as always. Thanks!

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