in the midst of all of this

I’m going to share yet another glorious thing about poetry and why I believe it has been vital to my growth as a writer.

I tend to write poems when I don’t have time to write anything else.  At one point, I was writing one a day.  Then the November Poem a Day Challenge occurred and I was set back into that mindset.  Of the 30 poems to come out of that, about 7 were total crap.  14 of them were salvaged, edited and placed into my chapbook for the competition.  Poems, in the way I write them, are all about rewriting and revision.  It is about clever play on words and trying to demolish or uplift the reader in less than 30 lines (more, in some cases).

Regardless…it took about a year for me to have a pile of poems that were suitable for A Mouth for Picket Fences. There were originally about 60 of them but I whittled them down a bit to make a much slimmer and coherent book.

I now find myself nearing that same place again.  With the poems in my chapbook included, I am nearing a number that I feel comfortable with in terms of planning another poetry book.  I didn’t do this with any intent, but after a while, the single poems written here and there begin to pile up.  Strangely enough, most of them seem to be “related” to one another in some odd way.  So, in the midst of prepping for The Bleeding Room, finishing The Masks of Our Fathers, participating in month-long poetry excursions, and abusing myself on countless WIPs, I have inadvertently set the wheels in motion towards putting together another poetry book.

The motivator here is that, being similarly themed for the most part, I have two potential titles, both of which I like quite a lot.  (And yes, I believe the titles of poems to be an integral part of their design).  I’m leaning towards Sleepmaps or Crashing Paper Planes.  Another thing of note: this will not be a horror collection by any means.

I am placing this on my To Finish list for 2011 (which is already quite heavy) and thinking only happy thoughts…I’m a weirdo in that Christmas seems to do that to me.



  1. Yeah I think it’ll have to go next up on my to-read, too. Congratulations on the chapbook–there’s nothing like realizing something accidentally came together while you weren’t paying attention 😀

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