obligatory 2011 To Do List

I know we’re 2 days away before the New Year steps in, but the chances of me getting online tomorrow are very slim.  Therefore, I present to you my To Do List for 2011….only some of which I think I may actually accomplish.  So, in no particular order…

1 – Start slowly trickling out marketing stuff for The Bleeding Room which will be released in August.

2 – My current Novels-in-Progress folder holds 9 working projects, each of at least 9,000 words.  By February I hope to have knocked this number down to no more than 4.  I will give each idea its chance, revisiting them to see if they have merit.  If the idea seems stale and I have no idea where the plot could go, it’s in the garbage.

3 – While 2010 was good to me thanks to The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid and A Mouth for Picket Fences, I did neglect my short stories.  I plan on trying to write at least two or three a month in 2011 and get back into subbing them out on a regular basis.

4 – One of the reasons my short stories caught the short end (chuckle) of the stick in 2010 was because I got sidetracked with poetry.  The fruits of that labor can be seen in the nearly 50 new poems that came out of it.  I intend to have a new poetry collection compiled by mid year and off into submission land by the close of summer.  Poetry has a way of kicking me around though…this may happen sooner, it may happen later.  I really have no say in this matter.

5 – I need to make up my damned mind about the self publishing thing.  Part of me really wants to give it a go and the other part is still cowering the corner, taking a ‘fraidy-pee.  I have a novel that I keep discussing this with.  It has a pretty carefree attitude about the whole thing and I think it’ll treat me nice no matter what I do with it.

6 – Get Birdwatching from Mars out there.  Current plans have us releasing Issue One early in the year (not too early, but certainly before summer).  I actually expect to have more news on this in the coming days.

7 – Stop pretending that the idea I have for that epic zombie novel is boring.  It keeps creeping back and has been getting under my skin since early November.  I have a few words down and know where it needs to go.  This one may become my top priority in 2011.  Of course, the leading characters of Great American Deaths (currently stalled at 21,000 words or so) may have a thing or two to say about this.

I get the feeling that I’m going to be having a lot of internal debates in 2011.  I read somewhere that Tori Amos refers to her songs as “she”, as if they are a living thing that influences her in the decision making process.  I sympathize with that because that’s how my ideas seem to be at the moment.  And as we head into 2011, I feel like I need to get on good terms with most of them.



  1. I was only thinking the other day (whilst reading 2000ad) what the hell happened to Bird Watching From Mars. I thought I’d stop by and take a look.

    You are one busy fella!

    Who knew comics would take that long. Looking forward to it already.


  2. I can definitely understand referring to songs as “she”. I mostly blame it on the characters, because the writer version of that is that it feels like they’re deciding what’s going to happen more than I do sometimes. But internal debates are a good thing for creativity–and you’ve got more than enough to go around, as 2010 has shown!

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