nothing to see here

My writing life for the last few weeks has felt like packing to go on a trip.  The packing is basically done.  Just a few more shoes to cram into my suitcase, being careful not to crush the glasses I never wear.  And now I’m throwing the suitcase into the trunk and fumbling in my pocket for the keys.

It’s almost time to go.

That being said, this song would likely be playing when I pull out.  It’s serving as the soundtrack to the start of my latest novel attempt, an untitled story that deals with not-quite-zombies and an end of the world scenario that is almost secondary to the plot.




  1. Definitely a post-apocalyptic perfection song. Mmmm, nice!

    It is a lot like packing a car up for a trip, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought of that. Yay, metaphor!

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