not now, not here

One month down in 2011 and I still remain undecided on which project to really focus on.  I have all but given up on digging into the infertile grounds for short story seeds.  Apparently, I can’t force short stories to grow, either.  Which is fine with me (most of the time) because it means that is one less distraction from the whirling bigger ideas.

I blogged about it before, but I have three primary ideas I am trying to decide between.  One of them was in its bare bones stages a few weeks back but has now rounded out nicely.  I have characters formed, neat little subplots, and a planned bit of dialogue that I am very much looking forward to.

The funny thing about that idea is where the more detailed bits of this story came from.  Inspiration comes from the oddest places.  While I won’t dig too horribly deep into the dregs of my teenage years, I will say that the lyrics and style of the following song weren’t the basis for these ideas (ah, precious early 90s industrial rock!).  But the people I knew and experiences I was living through at the time reminded me of what it was like to have the huge ideas for stories and believe there was no reason at all not to dig into them and make them your own.

So, here’s to inspiration (and my offputting taste in music as a teen).


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