WIP wednesday makes a rare appearance

It’s been a slow writing week (er, let’s be honest…month).  Writing has consisted of mainly two things in the course of the past two weeks: a final editing round for my self-published venture (title and cover to be presented in the coming days/weeks) and trying to get into the groove of Sleepyheads.

I am only three chapters into Sleepyheads (6,500 words) but those three chapters were slaved over.  As it turns out, post-apocalyptic tales are harder to write than I thought.  I have tried weaving as much back story and history into these chapters as possible without hindering the flow of the story.  I’ve revealed a bit about this novel on here already: there are sorta-kinda zombies that are really just background characters, and a world that has gone to hell.

The story focuses on a father and daughter in the wake of horrific events.  As a matter of fact:

She needed her father to protect her from a world that had given in to madness.  She needed her father to tuck her in at night, to snuggle up to her and tell her that everything would be okay in the end.

Of course, he could not use the old stand-by when she got scared late at night.  When the darkness seemed as thick as sap and the shadows grew legs along the bedroom walls, he could not use the promises he had assured her with prior to this new wretched life.  He could no longer tell her that she was safe from the dark and unknown things of the world.  He could no longer tell her that there were no such things as monsters.

The monsters, as it turned out, were very real.  In fact, some days it seemed that the monsters were the only real thing left.

Or something like that…(that’s how that particular section reads for now but is subject to editing).  3 chapters in.  6,500 words. 21 pages.  And hooray, hooray, there is a very violent scene already rearing its head for Chapter 4.



  1. Post apocalyptic IS hard–much like epic fantasy is hard in that you’re starting in the middle of a new world with which your readers are not familiar… but your characters are, and therefore simply wouldn’t remark on in an educational way. Argh!

    But I love your excerpt. Truly creepy.

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