As a writer, I sometimes find myself in certain situations where I wish I had my laptop, or even just a pad and paper.  These are usually situations that require a lengthy wait.  For instance, waiting at a doctor’s office when an idea strikes me, or something similar.

Similarly, anyone that has read this blog more than a few times knows that I am always complaining about not having enough time to write.  So, imagine my delight this morning.  Let me set the scene up for you:

My wife is taking a super-important exam to be a licensed counselor this morning.  Trying my best to be supportive, I went with her.  I drove the hour and a half from our house to the testing site so she could study and tried my best not to be too annoying along the way.  The exam lasts 4 hours (she started 20 minutes ago).

The little strip plaza the testing location sits in is dead.  There are a few businesses open, but none that would allow me to sit down and write.  So I find myself sitting in a little breezeway outside of an ice cream shop that doesn’t open for 3 more hours, at a cramped table with a totally bizarre pleasant breeze swirling by (Al Gore might be pleased to know that VA is supposed to reach 76 degrees today).

And I am set to write.  For 3 uninterrupted hours.  With the sound of Roanoke, VA traffic buzzing by.  And, of course, hoping the owners of this ice cream shop don’t sk me to leave when they arrive.  And if they do, all is well….I have my eye in a little Irish-themed pub across the street.



  1. My husband works for a test center like that here in Greensboro. I am wishing her much luck and you much writing. Let us know how it goes for her. Have a good time in the breezeway.

  2. I imagine two very different stories would come from that writing session, depending on whether you are ice cream or pub-inspired. Sounds like a great experiment! Good luck with the words.

  3. I finally started carrying a purse for this very reason–it let me conveniently carry a small notebook everywhere. I have been known to email myself from my phone, too. I come home and have emails with subjects like “Clockwork Madness” and I’m going, “Wow, someone knows my interests well–oh. It was me.”

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