wip wednesday and pimpage

Another short and sweet one today, so I can get back to crunching my lunch hour down into how many words I can churn out.  One would think that with what I consider a 75% of writer’s block in the forecast, my WIP list wouldn’t look so long.  But, nevertheless, here it is (and it might not look quite as daunting if I could actually manage to do this writing thing for a living).

Progress on Sleepyheads is flirting with the 12,000 word mark.

As the production phase of Birdwatching from Mars, Issue 1 wraps up, I am in the process of mapping out the entire arc of the story.  It is both awesome and terrifying to know that this story is going to take at least 50 issues (each issue 22-26 pages) to tell this entire story.  However, in the mapping, I believe I have come up with a twist that is likely destined to the middle of the story, that will make Lost look like Castle.

For some reason (likely insanity) I re-visited the often-mentioned and rarely worked on WIP called Blood Routes. With my tinkering, it now sits at 49,000 words and is looking to end up in the 80,000 word range.

And, because I love punishing myself, I put down 1,700 words to something that will likely end up being a novella of sorts.

Busy busy…

Oh, and if you missed it, I had a few things littering the internet earlier in the week for the sake of promoting The Masks of Our Fathers. It was a featured title at Indie Books Blog and I also got the chance to explain one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and try this self-publishing thing after all over at the blog of Keyboard Hussy.  Swing by both locations and drop a hi.


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