My venture into the land of e-publishing has been rewarding.  Monetarily, I don’t know yet.  Time will tell.  If what I am reading in forums and on blogs are correct, I won’t really know anything on that for another few months.  But the important thing is that I got a few books out there and, hopefully, will have pleased a few readers.

What I am learning about e-publishing (or self publishing…whatever you choose to call it) is that there is a lot of marketing and follow-up work.  This is time that I could be spending writing one of my current WIPs.  So for now, I believe I will be resetting myself.  While I will still knock around on Twitter and Kindle Boards, I am bound and determined that the rest of this year will be devoted to working towards the end of my WIPs.

Currently, the active pile looks like this (don’t be too wowed by this..keep in mind that I am writing the two Everything Theory books as if they were a singular manuscript):

Sleepyheads: 18,785 words

Too Dark: 51,109 words

Everything Theory, Book 1: 23,006 words

Everything Theory, Book 2: 62,447 words

Also in the midst of all of that are the ending stages of my next poetry book and continuous small details concerning Birdwatching from Mars which is getting more and more exciting.

So, with that list, I think it’s safe to say it’s time to buckle down and get some writing done.  Wish me luck.



  1. Fingers crossed on the monetary success.

    As for the list of WIP. I’m a bit jealous over your productivity. My butt needs to find a new gear–and get into it.

  2. Like we talked about, it’s a challenge juggling writing, editing, marketing, & promoting hats when you’re an indie author. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it other than what you’re doing in realizing the writing is king. Good luck on finishing up those WIPs! Cheering you on!

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