WIPped into shape

I still can’t decide if it’s a blessing or a curse to have so many WIPs crowding my head.  A few weeks back, I stated that I had managed to narrow down my list of active WIPs to just a few.  Now, after making such a bold proclamation, some of the others are now nudging me as well.

Consider this, for example.  A few months ago, I wrote a bit of text that was meant to be a short story.  Then somehow I ended up writing about 7,000 more words that was somewhat related to it.  A horror story at its core, there are some very non-horror elements to it such as a pregnant woman (whom I am very timid about building) and a young boy’s rather normal and outdoorsy past (which I cringe when I think about writing it…gah, I hate nature).

On top of that, there is another WIP centered around an elderly couple.

And another about a post-apocalyptic rural camp of sorts and how they come to cope with their new and miserable world (hint: lots of blood and human monsters).

Oh and remember that odd little YA project Keyholes that had be doubting my skills as a writer last year?  So yeah, that’s back now apparently.  (I would love the assistance of a beta reader for the first 60 or so pages of this one to tell me if it’s any good or not…)

So yes, back to the ever-changing grind.  How’s YOUR WIP pile treating you?




  1. A blessing, in that you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas. A curse, because it makes you a little nuts. Then again…aren’t we all?

    My WIP pile is good. I kind of need to replenish my stockpile of ideas though…

  2. That’s like juggling flaming torches, huh?

    I have ONE WIP, just finished the first draft. Going to start another project to get some distance with my first draft.

  3. Ha, juggling flaming torches! That!

    It’s a blessing and a curse, for sure, don’t I know it. I definitely have a job of it, keeping myself on track with my WIP… and when there’s more than one in different stages of readiness, it’s even more painful. I feel you, man.

  4. Its the follow through that kills isn’t it? I gotta a stack of WIPs I can develop further. The problem is digging in and doing it.

    The procrastination demon plagues me!

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