losing sight of things

Something has come to my attention as of late and it is depressing as hell.  While I am grateful that this realization did not come from one of my e-friends, I almost wish it had.

See, when I entered into this self-publishing/Kindle/e-reader venture in February, I knew that there would be a lot of time and effort involved.  I knew I would have to market my work (something I am not very good at) and that I would have to socialize in new circles.  I’m having to learn about formatting and hunt down reviewers.  I am checking sales, studying articles about marketing techniques and reading inspiring stories about authors that are actually making a living from self publishing.

What this has not allowed time for is networking with the people that have encouraged and supported me for the past 4 years or so.  Not too long ago, I read about 20 blogs with regularity.  I posted in the comments sections of about 15 or so of them.  I used to be more active on Twitter, carrying on brief snippets of conversations with writer friends.

This self publishing venture had knocked a large chunk of that time out of my schedule.  Those 15 or so blogs above have been drastically reduced.  My checking in on Twitter has suffered. I am, all in all, not a very good e-friend as of late.  I have three mails in my inbox that are awaiting my beta-reading.  I am mid-way through the second but it has taken longer than I would have liked.

Still, as of the past week or two, most of my free time has been spent writing.  I daresay it has been the most productive stretch within the last year or so.

At some point, there has to be a balance right?  Until I can find it, I hope that all of you that used to hear from me more often can look past my self-involved ways for just a little longer.



  1. Barry – It’s a hard balance to find, and I’m not sure I’m anywhere close. I feel rather run ragged lately. Maybe it’s time to let off the throttle and let my kindle titles coast?

    There is no magic answer.

  2. Oh so you’re playing in the other sandpit. Well our sandpit is bigger and we’re constructing a pool 😛

    HeHe. Only kidding.

    I think all of us find it difficult to stay on top of things. As long as you’re not neglecting your real world family and friends everything else will be a-okay.

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