rolling right along

Somehow, I have managed to start chopping away at all of the clutter around my ideas.  Usually I just let it all stew and remain overwhelmed at all times.  But no more!  (Well, at least for this week…and hell, maybe even the whole month of May).

In the course of the past 10 days I have done the following:

Managed to get Everything Theory, Book 1 up to 50,000 words.  The end is nigh (for the first draft anyway) and I am really starting to love this story.

I have polished up the intended-to-be-a-poetry-chapbook project The Only Moth Among the Dark.  If I can get over the “what will they think of me”  jitters, you may see it available for Kindle very soon.   This is a toughie because while there is still a stigma about self publishing in general, the self publishing of poetry gets an even worse reputation.  If self publishing is the literary equivalent of being hit by a bus, then self publishing poetry is being hit by a bus while you’re on the phone with the IRS and then when the ambulance comes, the medics tip your gurney over and pee on you.

Speaking of poetry, Sleepmaps is basically complete….so complete that I have started working on a very minimalist cover which I already like quite a bit.  I am rearranging the order of the poems and am working on an introductory poem and a closing poem for the collection.  While I fully plan on submitting it traditionally, I wouldn’t rule this one out as a Kindle release, either.

Also, Birdwatching from Mars is creeping right along.  A while back I said Issue 1 would definitely be live before July and as of right now, it is looking to be much sooner.  My hesitancy to announce a release date is due to the two years of setbacks and disappointments, but right now, things look very good indeed.  When we do announce a release, it will likely be within days of the book going live.

On top of all of that, I finished my first short story since January.  Titled “Naming Strangers” it is not really horror, but is more of a psychological sort of thing.  It has been tossed into the submission ether, awaiting judgment.

So that’s me.  How’s your week going?


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