proof of life #1

While I have spoken pretty openly about  Birdwatching from Mars over the course of the past few years, there has been one facet of it that I have remained silent about.  This was mainly because it was sort of experimental and we were never quite sure if it was going to work or not.  But as of this weekend, we had proof that our experiment turned out better than we had hoped.

Also, I realize that having spoken about BFM for so long, most of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking that this is another false alarm…that the book will never see life (hey, I was there with you a few times).

But here, now, is proof…visual proof of life…in just one of its forms:

Yes…in a very short amount of time, Birdwatching from Mars will not only be available in glorious print and a PDF copy, but also for Kindle.



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