i need an assistant

Last night, I wrapped up my duties as guest poetry editor for the upcoming issue of Inkspill Magazine.  It was a tremendous experience and it made me appreciate the work that editors put into a publication.  I had no idea that it would be so hard rejecting someone’s work.  After all, who the hell am I to tell someone that their work isn’t good enough for publication?

Still, there were some stellar pieces and I think Inkspill readers are in for a treat.

In other areas, I am beginning to get super-frustrated with the print situation for Birdwatching from Mars.  Under our original schedule, the print copy was supposed to be released last week.  However, a few snafus with the proof had us going back for another round.  The proofs are being reprinted and we hope to have them available for purchase by the very end of the month or, at the latest, in time for the 4th of July.

Meanwhile, I continue to plug away at edits for Everything Theory, Book 1.  I am delighted to find that the somewhat hectic and winding storyline I have mapped out for five books begin to develop quickly, but not too quickly.  I am liking the characters and actually enjoying the read-through. I’ll likely put some excerpts up here soon.



  1. I have a friend who says she’ll quit teaching and be my assistant. The sad bit is that I’d have to pay her. Teachers are woefully underpaid, but I can’t afford even that, obviously. We are SoL :/

    Sorry to hear about the proofs SNAFU, but hey, at least they’ll be perfect when they come 😀

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