unwriting, rewriting, and an endless stream of queries

Well, I was able to make it nearly 38,000 words into Book 2 of Everything Theory before I had to go back into Book 1 to alter a previous scene for the sake of continuity.  It was a small change, but now it has me thinking that I need to go back and closely read Book 1 again to make sure there are no other potential inconsistencies.  Sounds like a headache, sure, but it’s surprisingly fun.  I am really having a blast with this entire series.

Rejections from agencies have started coming in.  With each one that comes in, another two submissions go out.  This, admittedly, is not nearly as fun as the rest of the process.

In other areas, it seems that The Bleeding Room might be released a week or so later than planned.  The press that is putting it out, Graveside Tales, lost an editor several months back and their schedule has suffered a bit as a result.  All the same, I fully intend to start a contest centered around The Bleeding Room next week that should be quite a bit of fun.  And hey, if any of you have review sites out there and would like an advanced digital copy of the book (PDF, not fully e-reader ready just yet), shoot me a note and let me know.


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