i am not a comedian

So, I am a pretty avid reader of Cracked.  From time to time I will even participate in some of their contests (and, in the past, have even gone so far as to pitch article ideas).  A few weeks back, I tried my hand at several attempts at winning a Photoshop contest (called “Photoplasty” at Cracked).  The contest was creating “Movie Crossovers Too Awesome to Happen.”

I did not place at all.  Still, I was rather proud of some of m entries.  Here are some of the better ones, in my opinion.  I still giggle like a grade schooler at  a few of them.  But then again, I know very little about what is funny.  I am not a comedian.  Still, if any of these make you laugh, please let me know which one so I don’t feel like I’m the ONLY one laughing.








  1. I thought several of these were much funnier then some of the ones that made the article. I particularly like the No Country for Grumpy Old Men and the Karate Ninja Turtles.

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