ghost hymnal

One of the problems I have with writing my poetry is that I will often come up with what I feel is a good idea for a poem, write down the central lines and/or ideas, and then lose the paper on which I wrote it.  Or I will type it down and save it, which really only results in my having about 40 partial poems scattered around my hard drive.

Last week, my computer crashed and I lost a great deal of these sorts of documents/ideas.  This wasn’t so bad, as my fractions of poems are typically not very good.  But still, it hurt quite bad.  These were not poetry ideas I had liked enough to keep, so I never bothered backing them up.

So, to make sure this never happens again, I now have a Tumblr page that is solely for the first drafts, chunks, snippets, samples, and sneak-peeks of my poems.  Most, if not not all, current poetry markets consider a poem “previously published” if it is first put up on a personal blog and therefore won’t accept them.  To get around this, any writing you see on the Tumblr blog is not a fnished product.  It’s a peek at how I start poems, mostly first draft efforts, and a collection of snippets from some of my other already-published poems.

If nothing else, it’s a good place to dump current ideas where they won’t get lost.  It has also served as a means to keep the poetry juices flowing…something I had feared had come to a stop when I wrapped up work on Sleepmaps (which is currently still in submission limbo).

Anyway, if you want to check out the Tumblr poetry blog, head on over to Ghost Hymnal and check it out.  If you’re also a member of Tumblr, a Follow would be much appreciated.



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