and the room just keeps on bleeding

Today was full of delightful surprises for me concerning The Bleeding Room.  First and foremost, the e-book version is now available in Kindle format (Nook on the way) for just $2.99.  You can buy it here.

Also, The Bleeding Room has been featured overt at Bloody Bookish today as part of my featured month.  Head on over to learn some of the behind-the-scenes details about the book.

In the world of writing, things are moving right along.  I am on track to finish up Everything Theory: Blood Routes (book 2 in the series that, you may notice, ended up keeping its original title) by the end of November as I had planned.  I am also making small but effective progress on my as-of-now untitled other book.  And there is another idea lurking in the background, but I fear it’s a big one and may have to wait a while before I bother introducing myself.

To further entice you in regards to The Bleeding Room:

“Napier paints a chilling picture of ancient, bloodthirsty evil – then brings it to life.”
– David Dunwoody, author of EMPIRE’S END and UNBOUND & OTHER TALES

“Novelist. Poet. Comic book writer. This guy is a legit talent who is always thinking outside the box. It’s no surprise Barry Napier is building a following faster than a Mayan handing out 2012 prophecies.” – – Gregory Hall, host of the Funky Werepig and author of At the End of Church Street


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