research findings

I’ve been away from the blog (and Twitter, and Facebook, and writing itself) for the past few days because of a ton of unexpected doctor’s appointments, huge workload, and house-prepping (we’re trying to get it market-ready).

Despite the lack of writing, I have managed to get into some more research for future Everything Theory books.  (By the way, Book 1 is DONE and Book 2 should be done within a week or so…aiming for late December release for Book 1).  I’ve learned a lot of new conspiracy-related stuff, as well as how the FBI works internally, in preparing these books.  But of course, the more interesting bits comes from the unlikeliest sources.

For instance, take this clip from an episode of Coast to Coast with Art Bell.  Do I think it was real?  Well, I’d like to think so and it seems to be legit…in a way.  But who knows?  Regardless, it was pretty damn cool and gave me a case of goosebumps.  (Forgive the prolonged cheesy introductory text, which I believe most YouTube posters just can’t resist including for some stupid reason).


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