the wip report and other news

As has been the case for the past four months or so, most of my writing time has been devoted to working on the Everything Theory books.  And yes, after much debate and even hearing reader thoughts in this blog, I am sticking with Everything Theory as the title.  It just really seems to fit with the scope and the tone of the story.

Everything Theory: Cold Compass (Book 1): complete at 83,422 words

Everything Theory: Blood Routes (Book 2): roughly 90% complete at 80,104 words.

The only other projects I am working on are a traditional horror novel that I don’t yet have a title for.  It’s been begging for more attention as it is only now sitting at 9,002 words.  Then there is another quirky almost-fantasy project that I have been tinkering with in collaboration with another author.  This one is flirting with the 30,000 word mark.

In other news…

After much trying, I Know What I Saw: Poems of the Unexplained remains homeless after being dropped by its original publisher.  All accepted poets are in agreement to forge ahead, though.  We are currently figuring out another way to get the book out there.

Birdwatching from Mars continues to slowly build up.  Issue 2 is excruciatingly close to completion.  We have realized that at this sort of schedule, the entire story wouldn’t be told until roughly 2030.  So we are still looking at other ways to get the book out there, to help pay Luis so that he can spend more time working on it.

Sleepmaps remains in limbo.  It is currently sitting with 3 poetry presses, one of which has a typical response time of 6-8 months.  So more waiting…

Lastly, back to Everything Theory for a moment.  Book 1 has been formatted and a print proof is currently in the mail.  Depending on when I can wrap up Book 2 and the final say of a publisher that showed some interest, there is a chance that Cold Compass will be available by the end of the year.

Anyway, here’s hoping…


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