the void between christmas and new years

This week makes me feel like a ghost. At the risk of my co-workers reading this blog (not likely, but still…) I think it’s sort of counter productive for most businesses to even be open this week.  Blargh.

But that is neither here nor there.  Just a quick blog post to fill the void.

I am in the middle of organizing a blog tour to support Everything Theory: Cold Compass.  It’s more work than I thought, but is fun and, hopefully will pay off.  So far, I seem to really suck at the marketing side of things, as my sales numbers since first publishing to Kindle in February have been lackluster at best.

One last note: my poem “A Brief Afterlife” is now up at Prick of the Spindle.  It’s a pretty good representation of the poems in Sleepmaps, which has yet to find a home.

Now, back I go to try to fill this void of a week.


One comment

  1. Back to work for me tomorrow – bah humbug! Although, apparently there is lots of work waiting for me (co-worker phoned on Christmas Eve to say she didn’t get everything done) so at least I won’t be bored.

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