discoveries and how to deal with them

These past few weeks have been full of self realizations and discoveries…some about writing, some not.  Some involve personal family related things (all good, I assure you) but others I will gladly share here.

First of all, for quite some time now, I have had an idea for a novel that I resisted.  It was not in a genre I was used to or comfortable with.  I kept trying to twist the plot, hoping to bend it to my will and make it a nice little horror tale.  After that didn’t work, the idea showed me who was boss.  I started writing it.  I am three chapters in and it feels…weird.  I’m enjoying it, but I know some uncomfortable stuff is coming.  It’s like driving straight into a tornado on purpose.

This is aside from my current horror WIP, The Hollows.  But hey…that one’s getting uncomfortable, too.  The crux of the whole series centers around a particularly violent and shameful era in American history.  But with a twist!  This one is a little too much fun to write…quick, fast paced and to-the-point.

Finally, every now and then I discover a band or artists that excites me in new ways.  The last time this happened was with Carbon Based Lifeforms.  Before that, it was probably Explosions in the Sky.  Now, let me introduce you to the newest member of this group, Sleep Party People.  (Yes, the outfits were distracting at first, but it actually adds to the music after a while).




  1. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that you would branch out, genre-wise. You’ve already proven you like to experiment with different mediums (shorts, poetry, graphic novels). Sometimes you just have to let go and see where it takes you.

    And as for SPP – you know how I feel about that. I almost don’t want to know the lyrics, the songs are fine just the way they are 🙂 The Dwarf & The Horse is my fave.

  2. Yeah, we can’t help but branch out. Not as if any of us is just one thing, right? It’s only natural. Awesome!

    And I saw that song from Mary’s tumblr and THEN came here… it is awesome. Nice find — as usual!

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