WIP Wednesday (The I’m Just the Conduit Edition)

My fingers have been busy as of late.  That sounds dirty, sure, but you know what I mean.

The past week has seen me hammer out over 13,000 words on various projects.

My horror WIP, The Hollows, is now at 36,000 words.  With 7 chapters remaining, if I can continue working at this pace, the first draft will be knocked out by the end of the month.

My untitled (and uncomfortable) non-horror WIP is sitting at 10,500 words and seems to be writing itself.  This one has been incredibly challenging and a lot of fun.  Once I am more comfortable with the flow and subject, I may actually blog about it a bit.  But for now, I’m keeping it private.

Also, final edits on Everything Theory, Book 2 are nearly done.  It’ll be heading to beta readers within 2 weeks and will probably be available for sale sometime in April or May.  It’s very likely that The Hollows will be available before then.

Oh, also add to that a slammed work schedule (at the 9-5) and oodles of freelance (as part-time work) and I’ve written more in the past 10 days than I did for the entire last quarter of 2011.

How’s your writing (or just your reading) going?



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