oh, Word formatting, I hate you so much.

Traditionally, I have not had any real issues with formatting my manuscripts for Kindle.  Although I’m not a master at it by any means, either.

But here’s another delay for The Hollows.  I had fully intended to upload it to KDP last night, having it go live this morning.  But I simply could not get the formatting right.  The tabs were slightly off and the pages were breaking weird.  So I went back in and tried to fix these issues.

Now, not only are the tabs/indents not lining up like they should but Word has also decided to strip every space out between sentences.  I have tried every method I know to fix this and it just isn’t working.  Nothing. Is. Working.

On the downside, this means a few more days before The Hollows will go live.  On the plus side, it also means I have to manually go through the effing book again to manually fix each and every instance where there is a period. (For those of you that are going to recommend I do the find and replace function with “.” becoming “_.” don’t bother…that does work, but it also plays hell on any dialogue that ends with a period…which is quite a lot).

Now, if anyone out there does know of quick fixes for these things or if you are simply a Word wizard, let me know if you think you can help.  I’ll give you some free books and my undying gratitude.

Until then…hermph.



  1. Word. Can’t live with it… can’t live without it. :-/

    I once had an editor turn something in who had used nothing but find/replace to remove extra commas. She hadn’t realized (and she went to college for this!) that it would remove ALL commas.

    Formatting is the sucky end of the job, definitely.

  2. Robert, you’re now the 3rd person that has recommended Scrivener to me in the past week. I may shoot you some questions about it via e-mail as this Word-related-event might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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