When the seeds were first planted

I was speaking with my brother the other day and we started talking about where that first writing spark came from…what was the initial motivation to try to be a writer?  So I took a venture back into my childhood and was surprised to see that the order of these inspirations weren’t quite what I thought they would be.

As a matter of fact, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the Number One selection for the last few days.  Nostalgia is awesome sometimes, isn’t it?

So here are my Top 3 childhood memories (15 years old and earlier) that made me want to write stories.

3.  Tales from the Darkside: I can’t remember what irresponsible television station played this show during the day in the summer months when kids were no longer in school.  But nonetheless, there was a 2 hour block of Tales from the Darkside on every weekday for two or three summer vacations. I watched this without fail, every afternoon. And when I found out that there was a movie….yeah, I lost my little mind.

I caught a few episodes on SyFy a while back and that intro song still sort of creeps me out.  I can’t lie…

2.  Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King: This was my first Stephen King book.  I purchased it at a Book Fair in fourth grade and read it in about a week. It was the first time I stayed up super late just to read a book. Once I was done with this one, I read my second King book, Christine. Obviously, a lot of it went over my young head at the time, but I was hooked on King early.

Eyes of the Dragon , to me, is a great bit of storytelling, mainly because of the inclusion of dragons and Randall Flagg.  It’s certainly not appropriate for younger kids, but it is a nice little gem of a fantasy story.

1.  The Adventures of Pete and Pete: I caught a lot of crap when I went into high school and was the only one enamored with this show.  But the stories in The Adventures of Pete and Pete were far more creative than any other kid/teen-oriented shows on TV at the time.  This show, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the best examples of Young Adult writing I have ever seen.

I remember one episode in particular where younger Pete is convinced that time travel is possible during daylight savings time.  And the way they approached it almost made sense.  Then, of course, there was Artie, the Strongest Man in the Woooorld.

Oh, and the kick-ass theme song that, to this day, makes me smile no matter what.

Anyone else have similar motivations/memories to share?



  1. Speaking of Tales from the Darkside, do you remember the movie? I’m thinking, in particular, of the line: “Your promised you’d never tell!” I remember renting that from down at Canada’s in Phenix and man that part of the movie scared the piss out of me for weeks. Here’s a clip from it.

    Also, Pete and Pete. I used to love Pete and Pete. Funny thing was, I never knew until later that the neighbor was Iggy Pop — which is additional bonus points.

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