adjusting to the freelance life again

The title of this post explains the sparse activity on the blog for the last few weeks.  In terms of writing, there’s much movement behind the scenes, some of which I will share now for the sake of keeping the blog current.

My poem “A Nest of Bees to Name Your Children” was featured over at Waterhouse Review for the Autumn issue.  Check it out, as it is a pretty good example of what you can expect from Sleepmaps.

Speaking of Sleepmaps, the latest word is that it will see a December release.  More on this as it comes along.  (Also, if you have a review site and would like to review it prior to release, please contact me).

Also in poetry, I Know What I Saw: poems of the unexplained is currently being formatted. Proof copies go to the authors soon and this will go live quite soon.

Elsewhere, the difficult/personal/kicking-my-butt novel I have spoken much about in the past few months broke 65,000 words this week. Another 15 – 20,000 and I think the first draft will be done.  Also, I am not 100% sure, but I think it might be titled Jubilee.

I am also still trying to perfect the outline for my Dead Man novel.  Slow-going, as outlines scare me.  I will admit though, I am still not tired of telling people that I am working on an outline with Lee Goldberg and then waiting for the quizzical look and then adding “…the guy that writes Monk.

That’s about it.  Have I missed anything since being gone for so long?


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