third time is (hopefully) the charm

My Everything Theory series is very important to me and has, therefore, received the bulk of my creative attention for the last two years or so. Because of that, I have also tried transferring that creativity to the covers for the books.

Reazing that I did not have the art chops to pull off effective covers and being told by more than a few successful indie authors that my covers may very well be the biggest thing keeping me from better sales figures, I decided to go ahead and go with a pro.

This morning, I uploaded these covers for Cold Compass and Blood Routes (see below). They were created by Keith Draws who not only offers amazingly low prices, but top notch work.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Everything Theory why not do so now? Of course, if you’d rather have your version with these new and much improved covers, you may want to wait a few hours, as Amazon is still processing them.

Cold Compass 600 pixels

Blood routes final 600 pixel



  1. I feel the only reason to dim the equations would be if the logo was unreadable, but since its perfectly legible dimming them would only reduce the impact miss the point, thereby watering down the internal message of the piece (which upon reading the book will become clear). So rather than use the word “cluttered” to describe the look I would say “complex” and that is the point. The layout is actually making extensive use of sacred geometry or Golden sections as the shapes are also called and so it is not random at all. Let me explain a little more. The intention is to weave in the complexity of the ideas within the story with the amazing pace and excitement of the story.
    I hope this explains some of my thinking.

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