are short stories becoming a “thing” now?

I sometimes lurk around the Kindleboards forums, mainly when I’m looking for new ways to spread the word about my books.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that a few writers had found success by publishing individual short stories in the range of $0.99 – $1.99.  I found this odd and, if I’m being honest, daunting.  I have two collections out for under $3 each. So of course success for singular short stories while my collections are collecting dust was sort of a blow to the head.

So I asked around. Apparently, many readers are simply put off by entire collections from an author they have never hard of. They would rather pay a buck for one story from an unknown author rather than $3 for an entire collection of stories from that same author. More than that, there’s a sense of immediacy with one story. Most people can read a 7,000 – 10,000 story during their morning commute. It’s a nice quick way to get lost in a story.

Also, it’s a safer way to get to know an author without having an entire collection of their work on your Kindle. It makes sense, really…and that says a lot coming from a guy who adores short story collections.

So, given all of that information, I have joined in on the fun.

I currently have two of my short stories available as singles titles for Kindle.

A Collection of True Evils

true evils option 2










The Call of Distant Shores

distant shores









A third is on the way in the next few days:










In going back and reformatting these, I re-discovered three stories that have always been very close to me (A Collection of True Evils was my first published story back in 2007).  Here’s hoping the public enjoys them as much as I have in the course of their lives.


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