every possible avenue

I told myself that 2013 was going to be the year I tried absolutely everything within my power to end the year working as ONLY a writer of fiction.

This included working towards “making it” in the indie/self-publishing world while also continuing to pursue traditional methods.  This goal is moving along, but no real effects are in sight as of yet. I am currently working on final edits for my Dead Man book (technically not self-published, as it is under contract with 47 North but close enough). At the same time, I am also working on a second round of edits for a novel that were requested by an agency for a novel I wrote last year.

Oh yes…and plus freelance work….because none of the above is putting food on the table

Another part of that is being more involved in social media, particularly Facebook. This is big for me, because I hate Facebook. But regardless, I am trying to get more viral and involved and…ugh, all those other Facebook buzzwords. That being said, up until January 13, if you “Like” my Facebook page, let me know via e-mail, Facebook, a message on here, or wherever, that you have done so. I will then send you your choice of either of my Kindle short stories. Or, if you’d rather wait a week or so to grab Taking Quinn Home, you can do that.

So get to liking here.


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