Enjoy the Weekend With Your Free Copy of Cold Compass!

Between now and Sunday, you can grab Everything: Cold Compass for free. Its follow-up, Everything Theory: Blood Routes is just $2.99.

Cold Compass 600 pixelsWhat are folks saying about the Everything Theory series?

Reading the Everything Theory series is like discovering a secret code that connects every Twilight Zone episode. Napier doles out hints at just the right pace. You believe that the huge mystery has a solution, and that it will be mind-blowing. Napier is either a madman or a prophet.

Alan Ryker – author of The Hoard and Burden, Kansas

this brings together the right dose of our government covering up unknowns and unexplained. perfectly balanced with fear factor, sense of humor, and conspiracy theory storytelling. vivid characters tell the reader just enough to hook us without being predictable or giving it away. well done and recommended. cant wait to get my hands on the next one…I am certain Mr. Napier will be getting phone calls from Hollywood on this series. must read, definitely.

Amazon Customer Review


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