varied inspirations

I’ve been away for perhaps too long…I’ve basically been a ghost online since the start of 2013.  That’s not to say I haven’t been busy with writing. I wrapped up Dead Man: Streets of Blood, kept building on Everything Theory: Eden House, and started working on a first draft of a novel that I have yet to name.

It’s been crazy busy with the new baby and a hectic freelance schedule, but I have managed to draw some motivations and inspirations from a few places. Some of them have been pretty monumental, so I thought I’d share some of them here.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Yes, I am one of those readers that will purposefully stay away from something if it seems to explode in popularity. This is why I waited so long to read anything by Gillian Flynn. And when I did, I steered away from the super-popular Gone Girl and opted instead for Dark Places.  It’s an amazing book and inspired me not only for the exceptional character development as a result of the flow, but also of how it was pieced so intricately together through various narrators–a tool I usually can’t stand but was hooked on throughout this entire book.

The Story So Far – Vortex Rikers

Always a sucker for dark cinematic music to write to, this album hooked me immediately. What gives it more flair than some of the other artists I’ve recently discovered are the synth-pop leanings to most of the songs. These tunes wouldn’t necessarily be the background music to the scarier parts of a horror movie…but it would be perfect for the parts where the stars are formulating a plan to escape their horrors.

Arboreal – The Flashbulb

Glitch, new-classical, piano melodies and some pretty intense beats…it adds up to one of the most impressive artists I have discovered in quite some time. This album has been on heavy rotation as of late as I try to flesh out the building blocks to the above-mentioned novel.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

I won’t lie and say this movie floored me. It didn’t. I even have issues with the massive amounts of praise it got. As far as I’m concerned, it was just an okay movie. What did impress me about it, though, is how the biggest part of the story is based around a little traumatized (but well put-together, surprisingly) girl and how she sees the world. Her flawed perceptions of it, coupled with her strained relationship with her father, make it hard to resist. Only, for me, it was not the movie that was so great, but the fact that the world portrayed in the movie is indeed our own but, somehow, very different. Those that have seen it know what I mean…

Share your own recent inspirations and motivations in the comments.


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