Are Audiences Getting Smarter, Pickier, or Just (Finally) Fed Up?

Note right away that this post mostly applies to movies, although I guess it holds some weight in the world of books.

Lately, it seems that the public has been harsh on movies. I am greatly pleased to see this, as I think Hollywood gets away with laziness for the sake of “going with what works.” It’s because of this that I get irritated when another Fast and the Furious is released. It’s also why I don’t care anything about Iron Man 3 or any of the remakes of franchises that are less than 20 years old.

If I’m being honest, it’s also why I am hoping Disney’s Planes bombs hard.

Still, as of late, a lot of the gripes I have seen online abut movies is a) somewhat silly and b) taken far too seriously.

The main culprits have been for World War Z,  The Lone Ranger, and Man of Steel.  Because I read a promising article about Planes this morning, I figured I’d let the angst run this post.  So, in terms of…

World War Z: The complaint is mostly from horror fans. Where was the blood? Why didn’t it follow the book? Why weren’t the zombies meaner? Boo hoo. stars Brad Pitt and it was primed to be a summer blockbuster. You’re not getting an R rating. And speaking of which, the book (while amazing) was too complex to be translated to the screen. Anyone that went into this movie expecting it to be faithful to the book  even partially was setting themselves up for disappointment. As for the ending…I liked it. I was sure I wouldn’t when I learned that Damon Lindelof had been called in to rewrite it, but I thought it worked well. Would I have liked to have seen something closer to the battle scenes in the book? Sure. Was I expecting to see it in a PG-13 horror movie? No.

Oh…and horror fans bemoaning the rise of PG-13 horror baffle me, too. Why wouldn’t you want a larger audience to enjoy your genre? Also, I daresay the best horror films I’ve seen in the last few years were PG-13.

The Lone Ranger: I agree with everything said about this movie. I’d be fine if Johnny Depp never worked again but, seeing as how Tim Burton is still making movies and Disney still likes pirates, that won’t happen anytime soon.

I called it when I saw the first preview: this movie will bomb. It wouldn’t have mattered who was cast in it. Audiences want robots, monsters and superheroes today. Not a rehash of the Cowboys and Indians shows that used to dominate 50’s era TV. You’d think a company like Disney would know that. They deserved to have lost the hundreds of millions that they kissed goodbye on this movie.

Man of Steel: Whaaaaat? Superman killed someone? I laughed a lot at the traditionalists on this one. So what? Superman killed his enemy. It’s about time he got interesting.

Based on all of this, it does worry me that the Lone Ranger fiasco will make Disney think that audiences really do just want the same thing recycled over and over again. Apparently a lot of Hollywood folks believe this to be true. This year alone there will be a total of 35 sequels released. Seriously.

Laziness or a re-molding of a lazy and paranoid Hollywood that has seen far too many bombs in the last year? Your thoughts?


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